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    Arnold Körte: Encounters with Walter Gropius in "The Architects Collaborative" TAC

    11/8/18 | 3:00 PM – 3:45 PM

    Target audience
    Crafts / Building Trade, Conservationists, Training and Further Education / Research / Development, Political and Professional Personalities, Press, Artisan Restorer, Institutes / Foundations, Property developers and redevelopment agencies, Authorities / Officials / Public Institutions, Restorers, Volunteers, Investor / Owner / Client, Monuments authorities, Architect / Planner / Engineer

    100 jahre bauhaus


    A conversation with Arnold Körte, an employee of Walter Gropius at “The Architects Collaborative”

    From 1962 to 1964, Arnold Körte worked for Walter Gropius at “The Architects Collaborative”. The architectural collective in Cambridge, MA (USA), soon grew into a large firm with projects worldwide, including Germany: in Berlin, for example, they built an apartment building in the Hansa Quarter, the ”Gropiusstadt” housing estate and the Bauhaus Archive, and in the Franconian town of Selb, the Rosenthal porcelain factory. Even years later, Körte stayed in contact with Gropius and his former colleagues. In conversation with Marietta Schwarz (Deutschlandradio), Körte draws a personal picture of the collective and its most famous member, Walter Gropius.

    The author:

    Arnold Körte was born in Rome and studied architecture at TH Munich and Harvard University (GSD). He worked for Walter Gropius at TAC (The Architects Collaborative) in Boston. He then taught and built in Canada, where he also co-founded the Center for Settlement Studies. After returning to Europe, he was a professor at the University of Art and Design (HfG) in Offenbach, and from 1980–2000 professor of “Planning and Building in Developing Countries” at TU Darmstadt.

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