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    Visitor facts

    14,200 visitors (incl. MUTEC 2018)

    88% trade visitors

    14% international visitors

    86% of visitors confirm that they attained their targets for the denkmal 2018

    The most important objectives for visitors are:

    • advanced training
    • obtaining information on specific products/techniques/performances
    • becoming acquainted with new products and services
    • obtaining information on innovations/industry trends
    • testing products/materials
    • visiting the event programme
    • business contacts

    66% of visitors play a decisive, a participatory or an advisory role in purchasing and acquisition decisions.

    Outstanding quality at denkmal’s 18 programme topic sectors:
    Visitors gave special praise to the quality of the Skilled crafts for building conservation and restoration, and the range of Construction and renovation materials and also the range of Preservation and restoration materials.

    82% of visitors would recommend denkmal and 84% will visit denkmal 2020 again.

    Survey of denkmal 2018 visitors and exhibitors conducted by FGM MARKET INSIGHTS.

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