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    Press release from 10/11/18 | denkmal

    denkmal 2018: Craft unifies traditional skills and modern methods

    For the conservation of cultural assets worth preserving, it is not only suitable building materials and materials that are needed, but also trained specialists who have experience in dealing with historical objects. As Europe's leading trade fair for conservation, restoration and old building renovation, denkmal unites numerous craftsmen and restoration specialists In Leipzig from 8 to 10 November 2018. From large restoration companies to specialists from various trades to masters of traditional craft techniques - all of them showcase their services.

    Bennert GmbH, one of Europe's largest companies for historical monuments preservation and building renovation, is organising artisanal demonstrations throughout the fair's duration. They will erect a church steeple segment at their stand, including a cornice, roof truss, slate roofing and dome embellishment. Through this demonstration, Bennert will illustrate how closely the in-house craftsmen work together.

    Many other companies involved in preserving historical monument are also attending denkmal. These include Nüthen Restaurierungen, which is particularly dedicated to the conservation and restoration of plaster, stucco, painting, sculptures and stone architecture. The company employs more than 150 people throughout Germany. Kramp & Kramp has a reputation as a building specialist for both the inside and out. The company employs over 100 bricklayers, carpenters, joiners, painters, master craftsmen and certified restorers.

    Fachwerkstatt Drücker's speciality is timber truss restoration. The company's service spectrum includes all shell construction work in the field of monument preservation and old building maintenance. This includes carpentry and timber-frame restoration, traditional roofing, masonry work and digital 3D measuring. Other companies such as Bauhütte Quedlinburg, Hollerung Restaurierung and Rähmer Restaurierung-Denkmalpflege are also exhibiting at denkmal. The Bund Freier Restaurierungswerkstätten (association for independent restoration workshops) is one of the oldest restoration associations in Germany, under whose roof many specialists from the field of monument conservation have come together.

    Furniture, Windows and Doors: Wood Experts at denkmal

    Woodworking is one of the most important fields when it comes to monument preservation and restoration. Tischlerei Wenk is one of the specialist companies present at denkmal; it concentrates on interior design, furniture construction and custom products. Tischlerei Dreyer specialises in historical windows, doors and stairs and also offers individual designs and custom products. Another carpentry workshop that focuses on monument preservation is Denkmalpflege, which restores building elements and furniture, while also performing a variety of other carpentry work A denkmal regular is Schreinerei Birgit Zoepf, whose main focus is on the preservation and restoration of furniture, wooden floors, doors, wall and ceiling panelling. Mosler Restaurierungen specialises in repairing old wooden windows and reconstructing irreparable wooden window elements according to historical research.

    Traditional Glasswork - from Windows to Overhead Glazing

    Glassworking experts also demonstrate their skills at denkmal. Glasatelier Weber specialises in windows, doors, mirrors, room dividers, and backlit walls and ceiling glazing. Their regular commissions include the restoration of historical glass in manor houses, castles and villas. The manufacturer Sollingglas Bau- und Veredelungs GmbH & Co. KG combines traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. The company has developed a process for restoring authentic antique glass, provides door panels and produces refined technical glass for display glass. The DÖRR Histoglas glazer's workshop boasts a wealth of experience when it comes to restoring and reconstructing historic windows and doors while taking monument preservation into account. Derix Glasstudios is synonymous with high-quality glasswork and design. The company's services include the implementation of traditional and contemporary glasswork indoors and outdoors.

    Restoration and Reconstruction of Historical Textiles and Interior Designs

    When it comes to the interior design and decoration of historical buildings, extensive knowledge about various epochs is essential. At denkmal, multiple exhibitors will demonstrate their expertise in this field. CAMMAN Gobelin Manufaktur produces exclusive upholstery and decorative fabrics with creativity, craftsmanship and technical know-how. Raumausstattung Busch supplies suitable upholstery. The company restores and reconstructs historical upholstery from the baroque to modern periods with great attention to detail and epochal techniques.

    Julius Hembus Maler- und Stuckwerkstätten - TapetenManufactur is dedicated to the restoration, rebuilding and redesign of classic rooms. Aside from reconstructing historical wallpapers and trimmings, the company successfully produces embossed wallpapers with the same material strength. As a result, it fills an important gap in the rehabilitation of many stairwells and corridors.

    The family company FAHNEN FASSMANN Stick- und Druckmanufaktur is both a traditional and a modern service provider. Hand embroidery is just as much a part of the company's portfolio as computer-controlled automatised embroidery, hand painting, screen printing, transfer and flock printing, drawing, stencil making, sewing and stamp making. The company Tummescheit specialises in manufacturing handcrafted fittings for windows and doors in series and individual pieces. The unique pieces are made according to models such as photographs or drawings of historical fittings.

    Restorers with a Diverse Stand Concept

    This year, the restorers in the trade present their new stand concept at denkmal, in which an enormous spectrum of the trade will be demonstrated at various stations. They stand's topics include energy efficiency in monuments, subsidies for private builders, documentation with the aid of Building Information Modeling and analysis techniques for results. Furthermore, restoration concepts will be on display and varying demonstrations will take place.

    Special Tools for Special Skills

    The more tools are tailored to a craftperson's work, the greater their ability to use them. Special tools for sculptors, plasterers, restorers and taxidermists are produced by the long-standing company F.W. Rosenbach. This year Deffner & Johann's portfolio for the leading trade fair includes all important materials, tools and aids for restoration and monument preservation.

    Masonry Art: The Peter Parler-Prize Makes its denkmal Première

    A very special première awaits stonemasons and those interested in the art of stonemasonry this year at denkmal. The renowned Peter Parler prize will be awarded for the first time as a part of this leading European trade fair. The prize honours outstanding stonemasonry work by independent master stonemasons and stone sculptors. The award will be presented by the Bundesverband Deutscher Steinmetze (Federal Association of German Stonemasons) and is sponsored by the Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz (German Foundation for Monument Conservation). The Peter Parler Prize honors outstanding stonemason and stone sculpture work on historic buildings which is evaluated by an independent jury of experts. Additionally, a non-monetary award for in-house cathedral restoration teams will be awarded.

    Market Leaders and Well-known Companies at denkmal 2018

    Alongside specialised tradesmen, a large number of major manufacturers will also be presenting at denkmal 2018. PERI, one of the largest international companies in the formwork and scaffolding technology sector, will be present for the first time. Schüco is one of the leading suppliers for windows, doors and façade solutions and will also exhibit Jansen AG steel systems from Switzerland at its stand. Another manufacturer of high-quality windows and doors at denkmal is PaX.

    SCHOTT is an internationally leading technology group focused on specialty glass and glass-ceramics. KNAUF AQUAPANEL is defined by its system solutions for the renovation of interiors - which covers insulation, especially for half-timbered walls and mould remediation. The company VIA stands for high-quality mosaic, floor and wall tiles as well as terrazzo tiles.

    Unique European trade fair network consisting of denkmal and MUTEC

    MUTEC has been taking place together with denkmal since 2010. This year's international trade fair for museum and exhibition technology, with its comprehensive range of products and services, will once again provide inspiration for experts, decision-makers and investors from museums, libraries, archives and other cultural institutions. Together, denkmal and MUTEC form a trade fair network that is unique in Europe, building a bridge between the various sectors and inspiring interdisciplinary dialogue around the preservation of cultural heritage.

    About denkmal
    denkmal, Europe's leading trade fair for conservation, restoration and old building renovation, presents products and services in all areas of repair, inventory, conservation, restoration, renovation and reconstruction. It has been held biannually since 1994 and invites the international industry to the Leipzig Convention Centre. In addition to the interdisciplinary exhibitor mix, visitors to the trade fair can expect a high-calibre, international conference programme. At denkmal 2016, 435 exhibitors from 17 countries presented their products and services. Over 150 events were offered at the conference programme to the interested audience. The 12th edition of the trade fair attracted 13,900 visitors (together with MUTEC). The international trade fair for museum and exhibition technology MUTEC and the trade fair Lehmbau take place at the same time as denkmal.

    About MUTEC
    The key aspects of the trade fair are museum technology and equipment, visitor service, media presentation, museum infrastructure as well as archiving and digitisation. With this broad range, the trade fair is aimed at operators of museums and collections, exhibition halls, galleries, archives and libraries. A visit is also worthwhile for architecture offices, consulting firms and museum restorers. The conference programme covers current developments and challenges in the industry. MUTEC has been held under the same roof as denkmal, Europe's leading trade fair for conservation, restoration and old building renovation, since 2010 and has been organised by Leipziger Messe since 2016. In 2016, 80 exhibitors from ten countries presented at MUTEC, which drew 13,900 visitors together with denkmal.

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