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    • denkmal and MUTEC 2020 will not take place

      (10/23/2020) denkmal and MUTEC cannot take place this year. Due to the current and aggressive development of the corona pandemic, overall conditions for this year's edition of the trade fair are becoming increasingly difficult. Despite the approved and field-tested "Safe Expo" hygiene concept, Leipziger Messe, as the organiser, is unable to reliably stage the two events due to further legal restrictions.

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    • denkmal and MUTEC Fairs climb to new heights

      (11/10/2018) Increased quality, powerful impulses and the year of European cultural heritage: Great euphoria at the leading European trade fair, denkmal

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    • Focus on Transylvanian fortified churches

      (05/03/2018) The fortified churches in Transylvania (Romania) were the focus of an international symposium organised by the Association of Restorers (VDR) in early May as part of the European Heritage Year. Under the heading "Cultural Heritage Siebenbürgische Kirchenburgenlandschaft" (Transylvanian Landscape of Fortified Churches), around 80 actors came together in Berlin dedicated to researching, conserving and using these buildings.

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    • European Cultural Heritage Summit: European Identity Foundation through Common Cultural Heritage

      (05/03/2018) The European Cultural Heritage Summit "Sharing Heritage - Sharing Values" is one of the central European events of the European Cultural Heritage Year. It will take place from 18 to 24 June 2018 at various locations in Berlin and Potsdam and is supported by the EU's "Creative Europe" programme and the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe. With an extensive programme of over 50 events, the Summit is aimed at a wide variety of actors from the private, civil society and public sectors. This makes the Summit undoubtedly the largest cultural heritage event that has ever taken place.

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    • UNESCO accepts patronage of denkmal 2018

      (09/12/2017) denkmal has been under UNESCO patronage since 1998. This fact alone speaks for itself and shows that Europe’s leading trade fair for monument conservation, restoration and the refurbishment of old buildings plays an important role in preserving our cultural heritage and is internationally acclaimed. A few weeks ago, UNESCO confirmed that it will accept patronage of denkmal 2018.

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    • Kick-off to denkmal 2018: Registration now open

      (09/12/2017) We officially start our preparations for the next denkmal by publishing the respective documentation for exhibitors, even though there have been ongoing discussions with the Advisory Board and other partners since denkmal 2016 closed its doors.

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    • Global denkmal: Heritage Preservation International in China and denkmal Russia - Moscow

      (09/12/2017) As denkmal always takes place in even years, some may think that nothing is happening in the intermittent years. Far from it! With Heritage Preservation International and denkmal Russia - Moscow two international events have established themselves and continue the success story of denkmal in China and in Russia, which shows yet again that the preservation of cultural heritage is a global topic.

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    • E.C.C.O has a new Secretary General

      (08/15/2017) In May, 2017 Anja Romanowski has been elected as new secretary general by the board of the European umbrella organization of the restoration associations E.C.C.O. in Stockholm.

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    • The ECHY 2018 as a Project of European Cohesion

      (11/03/2016) The European monument preservation society Europa Nostra represents the interests of more than 400 NGOs and natural persons from the sphere of monument preservation. With its more than 50 years of experience, the society has built an extensive network, which functions as an important link in the international effort to preserve cultural heritage. Europa Nostra will hold its council meeting at denkmal 2016. One segment of that meeting will be open to the public and deal with the preparations for the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018. In our interview, the secretary general of Europa Nostra, Sneška Quaedvlieg-Mihailović, explains how the society functions and what denkmal as a platform means for the preservation of historic monuments.

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    • Moscow’s Shared Stand: Detailed Replica of the WDNCh Trade Fair Area

      (11/03/2016) Russia will once again contribute to the historic preservation sector’s leading European trade fair, denkmal, with three shared stands this year – for the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, and Moscow. In particular, Moscow’s municipal government delights visitors in Leipzig every two years with an elaborately designed stand that follows a specific theme. This year, the stand pays homage to the protected WDNCh trade fair area, both for historic and topical reasons.

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    • The Whole Field of Historic Monument Preservation And Restoration in One Place

      (11/03/2016) Preserving cultural heritage is a complex and multifarious task with huge significance for society. denkmal, the industry’s leading European trade fair, which will be taking place at Leipzig’s exhibition grounds from 10 to 12 November, will see the national and international experts of historic monument preservation gathered in one place. Thanks to the combined appeal of its multifaceted exhibition, complex professional programme and lively presentations, denkmal is an indispensable platform for the whole sector to exchange information and ideas.

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    • 5th CONTACT „denkmal“ International Business Meetings

      (09/15/2016) The historic preservation sector’s leading European trade fair, denkmal, has a multifarious offering of many international exhibitors and specialist topics. Beyond this, it is also an outstanding platform for vendors and visitors from home and abroad. This aspect is put into focus at the CONTACT “denkmal” International Business Meetings, which in 2016 sees its fifth edition and makes it easy for companies to foster international business relations.

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    • Book your ticket now and save time and money –Ticketshop of denkmal 2016 is online

      (08/30/2016) From now on tickets for denkmal 2016 may be purchased and customer invitations can be redeemed in our online ticket shop. Save queuing time and money by purchasing your ticket online. With online tickets you’ll save € 3.00 per daily ticket. Your print@home-ticket entitles you to use the public transit network of the MDV (Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund) to ride to and from the exhibition grounds for free.

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    • International Networking at the Industry’s Leading European Trade Fair, denkmal

      (05/10/2016) denkmal in Leipzig is Europe’s leading trade fair for the preservation of historic monuments, restoration and the refurbishing of old buildings. Since its premiere in 1994 it has been held every two years, evolving into the most important platform for specialists from the whole of Europe thanks to its lively stand presentations, practical demonstrations and international professional programme. denkmal receives expert support from the members of its international board of trustees. Once again this year, experts from home and abroad will gather in Leipzig for denkmal’s 12th edition.

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    • European Cultural Heritage Year 2018: “Sharing Heritage”

      (05/10/2016) The European Cultural Heritage Year 2018 is taking real shape. Three years ago, the German National Committee for the Preservation of Historic Monuments (DNK) started this initiative. Now a major step towards a positive outcome has been made. On 19 April, Tibor Navracsics, the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, declared the European Commission’s intention to hold a European Cultural Heritage Year 2018. All that is still needed for this to happen is a formal executed copy of a legislative proposal by the Commission and confirmation from the Council and the Parliament.

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    • 2018 will be the European Year of Cultural Heritage

      (04/29/2016) “This is an excellent and long-awaited news which we will today take to the European Culture Forum." CULT Chair Silvia Costa states. Dedicating 2018 to the European Year of Cultural Heritage is a success for the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) and for the European Parliament as a whole.

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    • Anniversary of ICOMOS and ICOMOS Germany: A Review and Preview

      (12/10/2015) The International Council on Monuments and Sites ICOMOS and the German National Committee of ICOMOS have both celebrated their 50th anniversary this year. In this interview, Professor Dr. Jörg Haspel looks back at this anniversary year. The recently reelected President of ICOMOS Germany and Chief Curator at the Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments in the city state of Berlin reports on the highlights and defining developments and events, which will be of importance next year. As a member of the International Committee of denkmal, he also gives an outlook on the topics that ICOMOS Germany will present at Europe’s leading trade fair in 2016.

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    • Start of the registration phase for the denkmal - UNESCO once again undertakes the patronage

      (10/08/2015) Since its premiere in 1994 the denkmal has become established as the international sector meeting place for the care and preservation of ancient monuments, restoration and renovation of old buildings. From November 10 to 12, 2016 the leading European trade show under the auspices of the UNESCO will already for the 12th time become the cross sector platform for everything regarding the preservation of cultural heritage. With the simultaneously held MUTEC, the international specialist trade show for museum and exhibition technology, which in 2016 for the first time will be organised by the Leipziger Messe, related topics will be addressed. Because the preservation of historical artefacts, culture, art, nature and technology for future generations is one of the core tasks of museums, archives and libraries. As of immediately exhibitors can register for both trade shows and until March 31, 2016 they can benefit from the early booking price.

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    • Pivoting point for preservation of cultural heritage

      (11/04/2014) On 6 November, the denkmal is opening its trade fair gates for the eleventh time – 20 years after its premiere. For three days, the leading trade fair will be the pivoting point for monument managers, restorers, craftsmen and architects.

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    • Poland’s Spectrum of Monument Conservation and Restoration

      (10/30/2014) At this year’s denkmal fair Poland is represented by 21 exhibitors including government institutions, skilled crafts operations and renowned market leaders.

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