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    Exhibitor facts 2016

    435 exhibitors from 17 countries

    16% share of foreign exhibitors

    Exhibitors according to exhibition sector:

    The greatest exhibitor presence consisted of exhibitors involved in Construction and renovation materials, Skilled crafts for building conservation and restoration, Preservation, safeguarding and repair of cultural monuments and historic buildings, and government offices/foundations/associations.

    The most important objectives for the fair are:

    • initial contact with new target groups
    • raising the profile of the company/institution and/or enhancing its image
    • raising the profile of the products/services offered
    • expansion of target groups
    • cultivating existing contacts

    92% responded the professional qualification of the visitors positively

    Importance of the target groups:

    Architects remain the most important visitor target group for the exhibitors, followed by Representatives from government offices/foundations/public institutions, Skilled crafts / building trade, Artisan restorer and Restorer.

    81% of exhibitors responded positively in regard to participating in denkmal 2018.

    Survey of denkmal 2016 visitors and exhibitors conducted by FGM MARKET INSIGHTS.

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