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    All Expectations Exceeded for denkmal and MUTEC

    14,200 visitors made use of the opportunity to get up to speed on the latest developments and current trends at the two trade fairs. Featuring more than 435 exhibitors from 17 countries, denkmal covered the whole breadth of historic monument preservation and restoration.

    Statements to denkmal 2018

    "European summit of technical expertise"

    "Though denkmal 2016 was difficult to top, this year' s fair definitely did so. Making denkmal a high point in the German contribution to the European Cultural year was beneficial for everyone. Above all, the conference programme demonstrated why it has such a good reputation throughout Europe. Lots of events ran parallel to each other and enjoyed a high number of visitors and participants. denkmal is nothing less than the European summit for technical expertise. Whoever was not here made a big mistake".

    Dr Markus Harzenetter, Chairman of the Association of State Monument Conservationists in the Federal Republic of Germany

    "Dynamic atmosphere"

    "The atmosphere at this year's denkmal was extremely positive and dynamic throughout the trade fair and the entire event. Not only did the fair provide an opportunity for professional exchange between experts from all areas of heritage protection and the whole of Europe, but it also provided the perfect setting for dialogue with EU political stakeholders. The decision to make denkmal 2018 the official highlight of the German contribution to the European Cultural Heritage Year paid off".

    Dr Uwe Koch, head of the office of the German National Committee for the Protection of Monuments

    "Euphoria and a sense of optimism"

    "As restorers in the trade, we presented our new stand concept at this year's denkmal. It demonstrated the diversity of the individual professions through individual stations and demonstrations. Furthermore, at denkmal we announced the foundation of our new umbrella organisation. We received an enormously positive response to our new direction, both from restorers in the trade and from highly qualified stand visitors. Our joint conference with the Association of Restorers was also a complete success. We successfully sent a common signal. Regarding denkmal as a whole, I was delighted by the excitement and atmosphere of optimism that was felt everywhere. The European Cultural Heritage Year SHARING HERITAGE proved a great initiative, especially in terms of promoting the DNK as landmark of Germany's monument conservation".

    Bernd Jäger, Chairman of Restauratoren im Handwerk e.V. (Restorers in Craft Association)

    "Even more expertise and international flair"

    "I am very pleased with how denkmal has evolved over the past few years. The variety of expertise in the exhibition and in the conference programme has increased significantly. Furthermore, the fair has once again become more international. We were pleased to welcome many highly qualified visitors at our stand, who approached us with concrete inquiries. Another positive development is the how denkmal and MUTEC, thanks to their synergies, have grown together. All in all, denkmal 2018 was a pleasure and I look forward to the next edition".

    Ralph-Uwe Johann, Managing Director of Deffner & Johann

    "In-depth discussions throughout the whole fair"

    "I was amazed by denkmal 2018 and can say, that overall denkmal is the most important trade fair for us as the Fraunhofer-Informationszentrum Raum und Bau (Information Centre for Planning and Construction) directly after BAU in Munich. We had in-depth discussions with interested parties and stakeholders throughout the whole fair".

    Volker Schweizer, Head of Fraunhofer IRB Publishing House

    "Excellent and fruitful cooperation"

    "From the perspective of ZDH (Central Association of German Craftmanship), denkmal 2018 was a great success. It sent many positive signals to politicians and business and clearly expressed the sentiment: 'Cultural heritage needs craftsmanship'. In cooperation with Leipziger Messe, we were able to hold the competitions with Russia at denkmal and also register for Heritage Preservation International 2019 in Shanghai. Our SHARING-HERITAGE exhibition will also be on display beyond the cultural heritage year and can be seen in various cities in 2019".

    Dr. Titus Kockel, Head of Division Politics at Zentralverband des Deutschen Handwerks (Central Association of German Craftmanship)

    "Within two days, we had reached our goal"

    "Our seminar on interior insulation in historical buildings was actually planned as a closed workshop with 50 participants, but had to be expanded to 100 participants on short notice because there was so much interest. This alone shows how important the denkmal conference programme is in the industry. Our stand was also very well attended, which meant that we had already achieved our goals after just two days".

    Jens Hanschmann, Area Manager East of Multipor/Xella Germany

    "Even better than 2016"

    "We are extremely pleased with our participation at this year's denkmal. A great and highly competent audience came to our stand. The Bernhard Remmers Award ceremony was very well attended. Furthermore, we made valuable contacts with our Russian counterparts at the fair. In summary, we can say that this year's denkmal was even better than 2016".

    Christian Hecker, Planner and Object Manager for the architectural heritage division at Remmers Fachplanung

    "Significant improvements in every area"

    "Once again, denkmal has increased in value in almost every area. The international flare pervaded and the academic presence was stronger. Furthermore, we observed a consolidation of the content in the conference programme and networking among the experts. The fair was rounded off once again with a good moods and excellent atmosphere".

    Dr. Ursula Schirmer, spokes person for Deutschen Stiftung Denkmalschutz (German Foundation for Monument Conservation)

    "Focus on recruiting young talent"

    "Over the past two years, it has become clear that the skilled worker shortage is no longer a problem solely for skilled trades, but has spread throughout the industry. As a result exhibitors are more focused on attracting young talent than ever before. The offers were very well received and many interested young people came to denkmal to learn about the industry's numerous opportunities. Personally, I was very delighted by the high level participation in the student architecture competition Messeakademie".

    Dr. Ulrike Wendland, State Curator at State Office for Heritage Managment and Archaeology Saxony-Anhalt

    "Higher per cent of international attendees"

    "This year, denkmal became much more international, because of the role that the European Heritage Year played. We were able to attract many international speakers to our conference and many international visitors also came to our stand. Our European partners, who visited denkmal for the first time, were extremely impressed with the trade fair and are very keen to come back next time".

    Dr. Inge Gotzmann, County-wide Managing Director of Bundes Heimat und Umwelt in Deutschland (BHU) e.V. (Home and Environment in Germany)

    "denkmal just works!"

    "Our goal was to show the occupational profile of academic restorers and the various qualification and specialisations possible in this field. The trade fair was a positive experience and we are very satisfied. There was a lot of communication at our stand. We were impressed by the large number of visitors, great interest in the field, and the contact-making opportunity. Leipzig has a long tradition as a trade fair city and location, which is very important to us. The infrastructure is simply excellent. In 2016, we were here with a smaller on-site presence and even then we felt well represented. There was a lot of positive feedback from the association - that's why we came with a larger presence today. Simply put: denkmal just works“!

    Paul Grasse, Professional Policy Consultant Verband der Restauratoren (Berlin) (Association of Restorers)

    "A very competent audience"

    "We are very satisfied with how this year's fair went. The visitors were very interested in our stand. We had numerous promising discussions and made many contacts. We met a very competent audience, that was very interested in our colour business. I think, that we can say that we have definitely topped the 2016 fair! I also think we will be able to use the new contacts very profitably in the future. We are very committed to historical monument conservation and hope to be able to continue to inspire our customers for this. We were able to gain new contacts from all interest groups at denkmal with the aim of promoting and establishing fruitful cooperation in the field of monument conservation. We have been a very loyal fair partner for many years and for us it is one of the main fairs that we visit regularly".

    Dr. Klaus Rupp, Authorised Signatory and Technology Department Head at KEIMFARBEN

    "Our expectations were exceeded"

    "We are delighted about denkmal 2018! The level of interesting contacts and conversations has 'exceeded' our expectations. We regularly attend this fair. Two years ago we were satisfied and this year we could clearly build upon that experience. We also found an ideal platform for ourselves in 2018. We are the market leaders in field of building paints in Germany. We simply have to be here to represent our company in the field of cultural asset conservation. We definitely achieved the goals we set ourselves at the fair this year".

    Hans Metzger, Product Management, Sales and Head of Historical Monument Conservation at CAPAROL

    "A very good meeting place for the industry"

    "As a long-standing partner, the trade fair is very important to us. We are very pleased with this year's denkmal. Our stand was very well attended. In short: everything suited us! We are very satisfied with this year's trade fair: we made numerous new contacts and were able to intensify and cultivate existing ones. denkmal is simply a very good meeting place for the industry and has already been proven its worth for years. With our participation in the children's workshop, our function as a training company for young people from the industry and our role in presenting ourselves as a lively company, we have found the denkmal to be the ideal platform for this year's highlights. We clearly achieved our goals with our visit to the fair in 2018".

    Dipl.-Ing. (Professional Engineer) Holger Schmidt, Director of Carpentry at Bennert

    "Clearly the right decision."

    "Our last visit was 20 years ago and we're finally back. We were extremely surprised and very pleased with the way the fair went. For us, the trade fair went very well from the very first day and continued in the following days. There were numerous good discussions, 95% of which involved contacts with whom we can really do something with. We spoke to experts in the field of monument preservation who provided knowledge, as well as specialised companies, and new network contacts. In light of this, everything went great. As a company, we are once again interested in the monument sector. In this respect, denkmal is simply the perfect platform. We get to converse and find out what is needed. That is why denkmal is ideal for our 'comeback' into the industry. It also confirmed that denkmal 2018 was clearly the right decision for us".

    Stefan Appelhans, CDO/Chief Digital Officer at SORPETALER FENSTERBAU

    "Excellent conversations and contacts."

    "We are here for the first time and presented our new scaffolding for the renovation and refurbishment of old buildings. The visitors showed interest and we had excellent conversations and established contacts. Our company has a branch here and denkmal provided an appropriate and target-oriented platform for us. We were already represented at the mitteldeutschen handwerksmesse (Central German craft trade fair) and wanted to develop a new customer group at denkmal. Here we have a concentrated audience of experts. The support was also very good. We are very please with denkmal.“

    Frank Buchner, Commercial Director at PERI

    "Europe's leading fair"

    "We are always part of the fair to present our product range for the monument conservation sector. This year we presented our new product Roman cement. Our stand was very well attended. denkmal is one of the few trade fairs where professionals are present. Because of this we used the opportunity to hold a specialised presentation. Through this, numerous contacts and discussions always happen. denkmal in Leipzig simply has a great reputation, it is Europe's leading trade fair in this field and so, of course, we benefit from it".

    Christian Müller, Authorized Signatory, Corporate Development and Performance Management at OTTERBEIN

    "Simply super"

    "Our company is very satisfied with this year's trade fair. We were able to make a lot of fruitful contacts in the last few days which resulted in numerous promising discussions. We were very positively surprised and had a very good opportunity to expand and strengthen our networks. The audience's response was really great! We were very pleased with the expert, competent audience and as well the private visitors - it was an excellent combination for us. The support was very good. The whole fair was just great for us“!

    Dirk Obser, Project Manager at Holzmanufaktur Rottweil

    "denkmal is quite special"

    "We always knew: denkmal is quite special There are a lot of trade fairs, that exist just to show something off. That isn't very interesting. We always think of denkmal as part of the old Leipzig Trade Fair, which was also always professional. Here professionals can talk directly to other professionals about materials and new techniques. We decided to involve young people in this professional networking, students who can benefit. This year, our stand itself should represent an important element of architecture, namely constructivism, known in Germany as Bauhaus. In discussions with experts, we found the restoration of architectural monuments in both Germany and Russia raises questions and involve a lot of shared history. The conservation of these monuments poses a shared challenge. Another special feature this year was that our students stayed with the German students and got to know each other, which is extremely important for an intercultural exchange. This attracted a lot of attention. This morning, at the denkmal board of trustees meeting, I said: If you couldn't see everything, we are happy to have you at next year's denkmal Russia-Moscow trade fair. The exchange between the experts can be thus maintained. It is always nice to meet well-known people here at denkmal. However, I have also noticed that every year new people come and the interest grows. I have the impression that the historical conservation is becoming more and more important. We clearly achieved our goals at this year's denkmal: We held a huge discussion on constructivism. Furthermore, not only I, but also my colleagues can confirm that the student competition between German and Russian students was at a very high level. It is not only our events, but also ICOMOS Germany's and ICOMOS Russia's events that testify to the fact that the discussion platforms at denkmal are constantly expanding. Therefore, I hope that we will see all those who have participated in this discussion again in Russia".

    Kondrashev Leonid, Deputy Chairman, Moscow Chief Archeologist from Moscow Government, Moscow City Cultural Heritage Department

    "Very pleased with denkmal"

    "We are very pleased with this year's denkmal: We enjoyed many interesting conversations and contacts. As the national monument ministry in Prague, we wanted to show denkmal visitors our work form 2018. Not only did we want to present our activities as a monument preservation authority to the audience, but we also wanted to present our more than one hundred national monuments in the Czech Republic - and we succeeded in doing just that! Everyone here reacted very well and very positively to us".

    Dr. Martin Tomášek, Deputy Director of the National Institute for Monument Preservation/Národní památkový ústav (Prague)

    "Great public interest"

    "This was our first time at denkmal. As Luxembourg's monument office, we wanted to show the project around Vianden Castle and a part of Luxembourg while at the same time make visitors want to visit our beautiful city. We showed the visitors here how today a castle can be digitally rebuilt in each construction phase. Our presentation was very well received by young and old alike! The ViViBox was constantly well attended, there was a big crowd and lots of questions. At denkmal, we encountered great interest among the various visitors. It was very great, there was plenty to do and I'm glad that we were here at denkmal 2018."

    Patrick Sanavia, Director "Service des Sites et Monuments Nationaux" (Luxemburg)

    "We clearly reached our goal"

    "We are very impressed with this year's fair. Right from the start we had many interested visitors at our stand. We clearly achieved our goal which was to present our products to restorers and craftsmen. We have been exhibiting our products at denkmal since the fair began. And we will do it again next year!"

    Brigitte Kremer, Purchasing at Kremer Pigmente

    "The whole process chain is in Leipzig"

    "We have been exhibiting at the fair since 2000 so we are a long-standing exhibitor. We are familiar with the fair and want to reach our customers and win new ones. The fair has met these expectations every year. Again this year, there have been contacts and discussions that are being solidified. The merger of denkmal and MUTEC provides us with access to the whole process chain here in Leipzig - from 3D capture to 3D modelling, augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D printing. We were also very motivated by the fact that Luxembourg presented our ViViBox and that we were able to show a concrete project in a separate exhibition at the trade fair."

    Martin Schaich, Managing Director at ArcTron

    "We gladly make our way to denkmal!"

    "We are from Munich but gladly make our way to Leipzig! Our goal at the fair is to get in touch with people and have discussions. Here at denkmal we had the platform for countless nice conversations and interesting contacts. In Leipzig one meet colleagues, architects, building authorities, engineers and that is the main task of a trade fair for us. Denkmal is the biggest monument conservation trade fair and that's why we are here!"

    Claudia Dahlmanns, project managment, documentation, public relations, master guilder at R.S.P.

    "denkmal is mandatory!"

    "We are founding members of the fair, exhibitors from the very beginning and have already exhibited here for the 13th time. In a nutshell: denkmal is mandatory! We have to be here, to maintain our customer contacts, present our new products and present ourselves properly. We made many new contacts this year. We easily met our 2018 trade fair goals, in fact we surpassed them. Denkmal 2018 was a complete success! This was simply put the best fair yet!"

    Uwe Schneider, Managing Director at PaX Classic

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